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Some browsers, for some reason, sometimes have some problems with the downloading of some of the files below.. If you get any problems, send me an email and I'll send you the guis by email attachment.

The newest GUIs or newer versions of old ones, are displayed at the top of the list.




CommandBuilder J.Duchatelet An innovative and productivity boosting start program using (and allowing to create) Command Selections File selections and recursive expansion.
Archiver T. McGee Version 1.0 - 13/12/02 - A gui for Lha.
AppStart T. McGee (Version 2.0 - 13/12/02) A Start Bar with icons (using GCView).
Explore T. McGee (Version 2.2 - 6/12/2002) A full blown file explorer, in the Dopus4 style.
CED_.gc J.Duchatelet Gui4CLi programming' oriented commandbar with sophisticated search
possibilities and double saving (backup on other partition)
Remind T. McGee (New Version - 24/7/01) A simple reminder utility that pops up a message at a specified time
TextView T. McGee (New Version - 24/7/01) A text file viewer with search facility etc
FlashFindgc J.Duchatelet (10/5/01) A very userfriendly gui for the Flashfind (Frank Würkner) search program
MakeAGui.gc G. Maia (10/5/01) A gui for making guis with buttons and a listview.
Command T. McGee (23/4/01) A Commmand gui replacement with extra features
Maillist J.Duchatelet (27/2/01) Gui to make off-line searches on existing Amiga Maillists (388 groups). Subscribe & unsubscribe easily using YAM
Table J.Duchatelet (27/2/01) Gui to correct HTML files that don't print well, notably with Browse 2.2
Parallel Port projects G. Vaelen (22/1/01)  Some hardware projects using the amiga's parallel port and  Paarexx (which can be found on Aminet). Off site link to author's homepage at
Yam2Asc J.Duchatelet (22/1/01) A gui to transfer & rename messages from YAM folders into chosen directory structure
CoolCALC R. Kapp a calculator with skins - off site link to author's homepage - in the Amiga/projects section
3PMGUI R. Kapp small MPEGA player with skins - off site link to author's homepage  - in the Amiga/projects section
WorkON R. Kapp (7/11/2000) A system enhancer. This is a link to Richard's site, where he has this plus other programs.
ShowGui R. Kapp ShowGui is a picture viewer/browser/database with a great looking gui. It is aimed at people with graphics cards. This is a link to its site.
HJSplit M. Sarno HJSplit is a gui for the HJSplit (which is available here) for spliting and joining large files.
DeviceCalc P. Ragni A currency calculator. The present values of all the currencies are stored in the gui's icon and sums entered are translated accordingly.
GuiAct P. Ragni An appicon that sits on your workbench, onto which you can drop a wide range of files and they will be automatically executed. There is also a localized version.
PlayGui R. Kapp This is a link to the excelent PlayGui web site.PlayGui is a gui for the playing of samples and mods. It uses skins and looks great.
GuiCreator J. Duchatelet (16/2/00 - new version) V 1.4, a gui to create & add gadgetbanks ( button-,textin-, banks (or gadgets) to an existing or new gui "on the fly"
PalmDocGC J. Chandler (11/2/00 - new version) A front-end for a utility (makedoc) to create Palm Pilot DOC format files.
AGuide J. Duchatelet (11/2/00) A gui to create and edit amiga guide documents.
A. Nicholas (11/2/00) A Star Trek game. This game doesn't actually do much, but its a very nicely done interface with sounds etc. and a good start. NOTE - This gui has some big samples so I had to split the LHA file in 2 - You must unpack ST_Audio and move the resulting "Audio" dir into the main StarTrek dir.
WBThemes M. Helgesen (11/2/00) A gui to make themes for the Workbench, using collections of prefs files.
RTFDate J. Duchatelet (11/2/00) A gui for WordWorth, to help in transforming and manipulating of file formats, dates, etc.
GCIndent dck (19/1/00) Will take a Gui4Cli script and indent it correctly, so that it looks better and is easier to read and understand the logic.
Doc2Guide dck (19/1/00) This will convert AutoDoc files into AmigaGuide format, on the fly.
AutoGui dck (4/1/00) A great gui which will automatically generate nice, fully working Gui4Cli guis, from just the CLI arguments of a program.
Fred J. Duchatelet (4/1/00) - A nice Children's game - It teaches kids to recognize words corresponding to icons showing animals, and do arithmetic calculations.
PalmSyncGC J. Chandler (8/11/99) A gui interface to Richard Koerber's PalmTransfer shell tool for the Palm Pilot.
TimeMachine S. Chapple A "plug-in" for ImageFX - this link is to an ftp site - just click it and it should download.
WebConv D. Rutter (fixed download problem) Gui to convert AmigaGuide files into HTML. Works great - it converted Gui4Cli's guide correctly. Also has choice of colors/graphics etc you can use.
MPGConv D. Rutter (ficed download problem) Gui to convert MPEG anims to iff anims in a selection of different colour modes. You need to have the following programs which can all be found on Aminet : "BuildAnim", "GfxCon" and "MP103".
TDGui D. Rutter (fixed download problem) Gui to put ADF files to disk and back again. Also contains a front end for unzip.
GCSound dck A new extension which can load/play many 8SVX mono samples simuiltaneously. It can be controlled from Gui4Cli or from ARexx and has extensive gui.
CLI Guide Bjorn X Oqvist A very nicely done AmigaGuide document, containing explanations of escape sequences, cli commands, printer sequences etc.
CedBar.gc dck New version of the button bar for the CygnusEd editor, featuring amigaguide editing, word wraping, indentation and much more. Needs Gui4Cli v3.6!
Search.gc Bjorn X Oqvist An alternate gui for the FSearch program, from someone who didn't like mine.. Has very usefull header and wildcard templates for many types of files (HTML, guides, C etc), preferences etc
FWCalendar Ron Goertz A very nice ARexx macro for making monthly, yearly, you-name-it calendars in FinalWriter v.4, with the ability to add events etc.
ScEd.gc dck SCALA script editor - manipulate scala scripts in weird ways..
CedGui Bjorn X Oqvist A very nice set of icons for the CedBar.gc gui, in a new setup - will need some adjustments (paths etc) on your part though.
CLImaster G.Maddox V2.5 of this full featured file manager which as included in the Amiga Format February 98 cover disk and other magazines.
Keyboard.g dck A mouse driven keyboard which will enter text in the last G4C Text-In gadget used.
MPegaGUI M. Van Dillen A Gui for the MPega player
ColorCode G.Maddox A Resistor color calculator
TinyCalc G.Maddox A floating point calculator using ARexx
ClickDMS G.Maddox A Gui for the DMS archiver
GMPlay G.Maddox A Gui for the GMPlay midi player
Join G.Maddox a Gui for joining files

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