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Gui4Cli is now available for Windows at


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What it is :
Gui4Cli is a simple interpreted, event-driven language (no need for previous programming knowledge), which allows you to easily construct great-looking, resizable, font-sensitive GadTools GUIs which (among many other things) can be used to form command lines that can be sent to AmigaDOS or an ARexx port of an other program, for execution. It has many other capabilities too, things like directory & database listviews, maths evaluation, graphics, timers, commodities, file notifications, pipes, appicons etc. etc. With it you can control just about any aspect of the Amiga. Think of it as "Visual DOS". (More explanation)

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small-blue.jpg (2102 bytes) Gui4Cli 3.8 Gui4Cli 3.8 - 609k, LHA Archive, (4/12/99) The full version 3.8. Added xTextBox gadget, fancy titles, better resizing & font sensitivity, xOnHelp event, Palette handling and much more... Also contains the GCView Pic/Anim viewer/editor - which has now been updated! - see below..
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Gui4Cli 3.8.5 Gui4Cli 3.8.5 - 94k LHA - This contains *only* the binary of Gui4Cli - You must download the above also, for a full installation. Be sure to download this as there have been some important additions from the above 3.8 - v3.8.2 added Compound variables - 3.8.4 had bug fixes and internal vars and 3.8.5 has some more bug fixes etc..
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Gui4Cli Guis * NEW *   Go to the famed Gui4Cli Gui Galleria (try saying that 3 times fast :), where you can download GUIs made by other users of Gui4Cli (me too). Send me your GUI and I'll put it up there too.
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) GCView 2.1 GCview 2.1  - Major update. There have been many additions and changes over the millenia that I've been slowly tampering with this program. It is not now, nor will it ever be finished, but it is getting to be a usefull tool. The GUI has undergone major changes and although it still makes absolutely no sence, it is at least half way presentable - but probably not for people with weird setups.. GCView itself (the gcview binary only) is a programmable interactive ILBM, Datatype and Anim5 viewer and editor. It can be used as a normal gfx viewer but it also has a rich command set which can be called from Gui4Cli or Arexx programs to Cut, Crop, Paste, Tile, Mirror tile, Remap, Pan, Resize, Flip, Rotate and do many other things to pictures or anims. It can also be programmed to react to user input, run batch files, exchange pictures with Gui4Cli  etc..
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Other Programs
FSearch A very fast search command with many options (includes source code and gui)
Rep  A fast text/binary replace command (with source & gui)
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Source code Go to the Source Code & C Links page, where you can download the full source code to Gui4Cli (in SAS C 6.58), as well as the source to some other stuff I've written. There are also links to other pages related to C programming.

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Development of Gui4Cli on the Amiga has stopped. You may still ask questions on the mailing list, but note that this list is also used by Windows users of Gui4Cli, so please state AMIGA in the subject line.

Sorry about that. I tried making a new list at "CoolLict.com" but it proved not to be that cool. And I didn't want to have a name other than Gui4Cli..

E-Mail me with comments, GUIs etc at