C Source Code & Links
Here is where I magnanimously offer to part with the source code, bugs and all, from some of the programs I've written. The list is still small but it will hopefully grow. All the programs are written in C and were compiled with SAS C 6.51 or higher.

Please don't consider this code as faultless - it's definitely not - but it does work. As you would expect, I take no responsibility for any of it and if, upon your trying to compile and/or run it, evil occurs, it's not, of course, my fault.

My Programs:
Gui4Cli & GCView Source code for the last versions of both Gui4Cli (version 3.8.5) and the GCView programmable graphics viewer & editor.

Set TABS to 3 to read it.
The compiler I use is SAS C 6.58
The method I compile it is very crude. I don't use a makefile. I just #include all files and compile the whole thing from scratch every time.

This takes forever *if* the OPTIMIZE option is on.Otherwise, it's pretty fast. You can edit the SCOPTIONS to take out the OPTIMIZE option if you want to compile it faster.

The starting point is the file gui.c where all other files are #included.
Compile it by writing :
> sc gui link

Gui Source for the Gui4Cli "loader" program (c:gui)
FSearch A fast, pure CLI command for searching/listing files, with a lot of options. 
BMSearch A simple search program using the Boyer-Moore search algorithm.
ClipBoard.lha Ready functions for simple use of the Amiga clipboard units
Other Programming Sources:
You can find more Amiga or general source code in these places..
Amiga Developer Network Just about everything..
Amiga Ring A linked list of Amiga home pages which include programming and other stuff.
Median's page A much nicer list than this one - All Amiga programming sites etc
Kittiphan's page If you need a math expression parser or DBF file info.
Steve Krueger's page He's the guy that (used to) keep the SAS C package alive..
Algorithm Handbook Lots of neat algorithms for searching, sorting etc etc