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For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP


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Requirements: Gui4Cli runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/7, but needs at least Explorer version 4.01 SR1 (which may not be found on some windows 95 machines - if not, it can be downloaded from here).
Download Gui4Cli Download Gui4Cli - Version 19.38
(uploaded on 8/9/2012, ~4MB)


This is the latest full version of Gui4Cli. The archive is a self installing executable containing everything, Gui4Cli, help files, guis, development files, tutorials etc.

Click here for History
Goto the newsgroup to download older versions.

Download Gui4Cli Download Latest BETA - Version 19.43

- Contains Gui4Cli.exe, Gui4Cli.dll, help manual and history file

NOTE: You must first have installed the above version 19.38 if you want a full installation of Gui4Cli on your system. This beta contains only the executables.

Download Gui4Cli Download Gui4Cli.dll
Version 19.38, This is same as the Gui4Cli.dll file included in the above full distribution. Download it here directly, and uncompressed, if needed.
Path = http://www.gui4cli.com/gui4cli.dll
Download Gui4Cli Download Gui4Cli Source code
Version 19.38, The full source code for the above project (including help files, pack.dll, etc) as I have it on my system. Its written in plain C and compiled using Visual Studio 2008.
LINKS Download more DLLs and Language extentions (Python, Ruby)
At the NewsGroup, Files -> DLL folder.

Download Guis made by other users.
At the NewsGroup, Files -> GUIs folder.


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