For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP




g4cpreview.jpg (143820 bytes)

The above is a screen grab of my screen running some of the turorial guis on Windows XP. These are simple example scripts to get you started. In case you're wondering the "Gui4Cli" and Austin are also guis.

scied2.gif (59933 bytes)

This is a grab of SciED.gui, a multi tabbed editor. The editor part is generated by a DLL which adds the Scintilla editor library, as a normal Gui4Cli event (adding new events and commands to Gui4Cli with DLLs is very easy). This editor is capable of "syntax highlighting" and "folding" many programming languages (C, python, ruby, vbs, etc), including Gui4Cli, as shown above. The whole thing is written in Gui4Cli and works great.

gcview.gif (78544 bytes)

Above is "GCView.gui" a full blown Explorer look alike done in Gui4Cli. Note the directory treeview on the left which also has "assigns", a Gui4Cli addition that makes browsing a breeze.

odlv.gif (64290 bytes)

This tutorial shows off the new "owner-drawn" listviews.

docview.gif (46909 bytes)

This is "DocView", a gui that resembles the windows help file viewer. Its a handy gui for browing directories full html, source, text files, etc.. BTW - the help file shown above is from the documentation of DOS.dll, a Gui4Cli dll that allows you to run DOS programs, redirecting their output to Gui4Cli.

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Dimitris Keletsekis