For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP




The inteface

Gui4Cli is an interface maker (see a preview of various guis). You write scripts and it runs them.


tbmenu.gif (8826 bytes)


Other than that, it has a minimal interface of its own, consisting of a taskbar tray icon which will appear whenever its running. This can be hidden or changed if wanted. Right clicking on it will bring up a context menu with some choices (menus are adjustable). If you check "Security" Gui4Cli will not execute certain commands that are considered dangerous (like run etc).  

If there is an error to report, a white cross will be appear on the icon and will stay there until you left-click on it to see the output window (see below). That's how you know there is an error.

outputwin.gif (22423 bytes)

Left clicking on the icon will bring up the output window. This is where all output will be printed. Output can consist of error reporting, debugging information, or output from . Right clicking on this window will give you another context menu, allowing you to clear the window, set Debug On or Off, etc.

When Debug is ON, Gui4Cli will output here all commands it executes, as it executes them, so you can see what its doing. 

prefsgui.gif (50059 bytes)

When you chooce "Preferences.." Gui4Cli will run a gui called "Gui4Cli.gui".

This is a utility gui that shows you what guis are loaded, what variables contain, what commands are available, what DLLs are loaded, etc. It will also allow you to open/Close the loaded guis and set various options (like editor, starting or ending guis etc)

This is a normal gui, and can be edited and changed just like any other..

Other that the above, Gui4Cli has no interface. It stays in the background and runs the guis you tell it.

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