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For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Gui4Cli is a text based script language, so you will need a good text editor to write those scripts with. The default SciED, which is written itself in Gui4Cli (see below) and is included in the Gui4Cli distribution.
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yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) SciED - (click for web page).
This is itself written in Gui4Cli, using the Scintilla editor, providing syntax highlighting and folding of Gui4Cli and many other languages.
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) AnyEdit - Also written using the Scintilla editor.
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) CR Editor - great editor, not supported anymore..
Here is the syntax highlight file for Gui4Cli version 009
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Crimson Editor - Good editor with nice interface
The syntax hightlight file (by daonlyfreez, version 009)
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Barry's Emacs - Powerful EMacs script language
The syntax hightlight file (by jack_horsfield, version 009)
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) Con Text - Good, small and fast editor
The syntax highlight file (version 009)
yellowdot.gif (966 bytes) JEdit - A Java based editor
The syntax highlight file (by jack_horsfield, version 009)

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